Technical Equipment-Seminars

The technical department of ELTREKKA offers services in the following areas:

Technical department: The technical department having access to data bases and receiving constant technical information from our leading suppliers, has the ability of distributing technical bulletins, wiring diagrams, correct fitting and repair methods according to manufacturer’s guidelines, fault finding and OBD codes interpretation. In addition, investigations are carried out regarding repeated failures, and a liaison with suppliers is created in order to analyze such cases.

TrainingELTREKKA’s & supplier’s technical seminars on modern automotive technology. The technical seminars which are created by ELTREKKA S.A., are incorporated to the European EURE!CAR program. Eure!Car is an initiative by Auto Distribution International, with headquarters in Kortenberg, Belgium. The Eure!Car program contains a comprehensive series of high-quality technical training for professional repairers, which are taking place in 31 countries and are supported by the world's leading manufacturers of automotive parts. This innovation for the Greek market apart from training quality evolution, also offers European certification of attendance published in Brussels.

Alongside ELTREKKA offers the necessary expertise support and training for car painters  through our specialized technical advisers, our top products and the technical center.