One of our most emblematic product groups that we are leading the Greek market with is the transmission parts. Technical innovation and OE superiority are the trademark features that Eltrekka has to offer ensuring the best quality on every part that sits on our shelf waiting to replace its failed counterpart.

Clutch modules/kits, pressure plates, discs, flywheels, releasers, constant velocity joints and drive shafts are available to meet any possible needs our customers may have. On top of that we give the alternative of products with our private label in order to anticipate any requirements that are price sensitive but at the same time are in need of quality parts.

Our extended coverage expands beyond the car park and facilitates request for heavy commercial vehicles, light commercial vehicles, motorcycles and industrial applications. Our long term specialization in performance and racing clutches has made us the point of reference when a motorsport application is sought after for vehicles with extreme horsepower that search for unique eminence and endurance parts.