Auto Distribution International

AutoDistribution International (ADI) is among the leading Buying Groups in the field of automotive aftermarket spare parts. It is present in more than 32 countries, mainly in Europe, in Asia and in Africa. ADI works with central collaboration and distribution contracts with the leading manufacturers of OE & Aftermarket spare parts around the world. ELTREKKA S.A. is a member of ADI since 1998.

ADI’s goal is to provide its networks of members and partners, a complete integrated solution of spare parts, components & equipment, which is also accompanied with a widespread level of service, all necessary for the operation of modern business units, in the automotive sector.

Through ADI, ELTREKKA has upgraded the level of technical trainings it provides to its customers. Almost the full program of technical trainings has been incorporated in the European Program “EURE!CAR” (, also providing a European level certificate. ADI is responsible for the continuous development of the program, supported by the leading spare parts manufacturers worldwide.