The Logistics Center in Elefsina, built in 2008, with 12.500m2 total storage surfaces, provides the company with a distinct competitive advantage. Divided into two parts has the capacity to store 3500 europallets in one section, while in the second, 7500m2 conventional rack on 3 levels, can store the commodity codes that cover a broad range of products held in stock. The total number of active part numbers exceeds 80.000, making it possible to satisfy any kind of demand.

With a workforce of 50 people, it has the capacity to fulfill more than 1,000 orders and serve customers all over the country along with all company’s branches.

At the receiving end more than 100 pallets of goods are processed per day thus completing the inventory circle which starts by placing orders to suppliers (over 80).

Fasttrak MAE is the vehicle operator subsidiary of ELTREKKA assigned with the task of distributing goods both to customers and to the branches of the broader Athens area.

A very modern fleet of Mercedes trucks (2014 models) of various dimensions serves the Athens area customer and branches needs 2 times per day.