Benefits and prizes for everybody!


Elastrakclub, the successful program that is offered exclusively by Elastrak and promotes the purchase of tyres has been renewed! 


1. Tyre Replacement due to damage: It is valid beyond the warranty that covers Bridgestone/FIrestone/Dayton tyres and is offered EXCLUSIVELY with the purchase of four passenger and 4x4 tyres*. It covers the "unfortunate incident" that turns a tyre inappropriate for use, by replacing for free with a new one, even in the case that the "unfortunate incident" is associated with you. (i.e. hit the pavement, pothole e.t.c.) The free tyre replacement due to damage is valid for (1) year after the purchase date and is related to one (1) up to four (4) tyres and exclusively for one isolated incident per member code. In case that the tyre is repairable, the free tyre replacement is not valid. Any deliberate action that turns the tyre inappropriate for use is not covered by the tyre replacement program. In order to take advantage of the free tyre replacement, you have to demonstrate a copy of the receipt and the driving license.

2. Participation in 12 monthly prize draws via the elgifts program: it is valid with the purchase of minimum two Bridgestone/FIrestone/Dayton tyres for all the kinds of vehicles. The participation to the prize draws is valid starting next month of the purchase. There will be many interesting prizes for lots of winners. The elastrakclub shop you chose, is taking over the online registration, giving you a personal member code. Using this code, you enter the web page www.elastrakclub.gr in order to be informed about the prizes offered each month and the winners. You will also find useful information about the tyres you purchased together with advice about their proper maintenance.    

Download the elastrakclub mobile application for immediate information about everything related to the tyres you purchased and the entitled benefits.

Your tyres are the only contact with the road! Don't forget to take care of them! 


Visit one Elastrakclub store and check the condition of your tyres on the pressure and tread wear.


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